Thrills & Chills – Roller Coasters-VRisch

Released Jan 1970
Warning: This VR title contains a rollercoaster ride and the high-speed twists and turns of the ride will likely induce nausea even in experienced VR users.

Forget about other roller-coasters rides and experience real Thrills & Chills with this Virtual Reality coaster.
Continuously updated with new tracks and environments, this is a must have for every roller coaster fan!

Key Features:

* Multiple tracks above the rooftops of a large and realistic city
* Feel the wind in your bones
* Innovative track design
* Starts with 1 environment with 3 tracks, more content will be added with future updates
* The community decides which tracks and environments are developed next!

This experience was created in a cooperation by VRisch and Black Cell, both independent studios known for their focus on great atmosphere and mood.

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