Time Carnage-Wales Interactive

Released Apr 2018 3.7★
Time Carnage is a frantic VR survival wave shooter. Travel through time and wreak havoc through worlds swarming with dinosaurs, monsters, robots and zombies.

Choose your loadout wisely as you’ll manically swap out active guns on the fly in a 16-tier Campaign or Custom Arcade Mode complete with perks, challenges and mystery items. Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, prehistoric jungle, icy wasteland and a futuristic metropolis.

For each zone you’ll handpick a selection of guns to suit your play style and battle with a timed-reload system as you unlock an arsenal of over 25 mix-and-match dual wielding weapons.

Finding it too challenging? Keep an eye out for a Time Paradox — they might just give you an unfair advantage!

• Immersive first-person VR shooting action
• Unlock, upgrade and mix-and-match over 25 dual wielding weapons!
• A frenzy inducing timed-reload system. Shoot, drop, switch, repeat!
• Realistic and dynamic environments with 16 unique locations
• Catch your breath with the time-stalling paradox
• Dinosaurs, monsters, robots and zombies!
• Punishing challenges for weapon perks and arcade cheats.

User Reviews

Dec 29, 2018
I love it. It’s a wave shooter where you need to switch guns often to let them reload (you can take 4 guns with you to each level).
The game has a lot of levels (maps), enemies and GUNS!
Graphics and sounds are not that great, however the gameplay is fun.
After finishing the main campaign there are Challenges which are also great.
Highly recommended for trigger-happy players 🙂

Dec 03, 2018
OMG, this game is mint, i am literally addicted to it, monsters, dinosaurs i cant wait to see whats next, watching a T-Rex coming at you or even a Golliath is pretty amazing, love the gun format, really really good gun game.

Nov 25, 2018
Arrive in a molten glass sphere, Terminator style, to fight waves of zombies, dinosaurs and robots in this immersive wave shooter with slick graphics where timing your reloads is key to completing the levels.

Dec 02, 2019
I really enjoyed this one, sometimes simplicity is best, if you like wave shooters, this is one of the better ones. I enjoyed the prehistoric time zome!

Nov 26, 2019
Simple yet super-fun Wave Shooter with easy-to-learn controls fit for VR noobies and VR Veterans.
Can’t to see what new guns/enemies they have in store for the future!

Great Game! Thank you devs! 🙂

Jan 13, 2019
It’s kind of a nostalgic game. No real point other than stand there and shoot at whatevers coming at you. Fun game though, easy to fit in a quick session of dinosaur blasting. The enemy movement is and shooting mechanics aren’t perfect but I still enjoy the game.

Apr 22, 2019
Bon jeu de tir avec une durée de vie assez conséquente: 4 mondes (post-apo zombie, dinosaures, futur et nécromancie) avec 4 niveaux chacuns, 10 vagues par niveau. C’est très inégal avec des niveaux plus ou moins inspirés et un côté parfois répétitif. Mais l’ambiance et le système de recharge sont assez originaux et réussis, il y a plein d’armes à débloquer et on a envie de continuer.

Apr 23, 2019
The graphics and environments are great. The setting is very nice as well though there is very little or no story. The different weapons are also very cool though some work better than others.The progression is good though it would be even better if it saved every wave rather than at certain points. Also if the game crashes and you are on wave 9 of a certain location, you have to start from wave 1 again (hence 1 star off). The game can get very frustrating at times and repetitive. Will definitely buy this on Steam if it is 75% off.

Mar 28, 2019
[monthly subscription]
very innovative weapon management system.
I ran out of time before beating it, too hard for this old man

Jan 18, 2019
Decent mindless shooter. Just waves after waves. Like the reloading mechanism. But the time travel thing can get really nauseating.

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