Top 4 VR Cooking Games

Cooking games have always been popular, but VR is making them even more interesting. You can use VR to train employees in complex professions or learn about new cuisines.

One of the most popular games in Cooking Simulator VR. It was the first cooking game to launch in VR.

Lost Recipes

Developed by Schell Games, Lost Recipes is a relaxing-looking VR cooking game that tasks you with making traditional recipes from Ancient Greece, Song Dynasty China, and the Yucatan Peninsula. You’ll be taught by ghosts from each culture who want to pass on their recipes and skills.

The game’s mechanics are well implemented, ensuring that it feels like you’re in the same environment when prepping and cooking the food. You’ll use your controllers to cut meat, chop up fruit, whisk a creme, pour oil, and even skewer vegetables.

While the game has a few hiccups with interaction, it’s forgiving and easy to pick up where you left off, which makes for a great relaxed experience but still learning something from each dish.

The game is short, with only nine recipes and not much of a story to it – but it’s still worth playing through to improve your scores and earn the right to save three recipes. It won’t take you more than two hours to complete, but it’s a good way to learn about food and history in an immersive setting.

4D Chef

4D Chef is a slick app that cleverly integrates the latest and greatest in virtual reality technology to produce a highly immersive cooking experience. The result is a fun and educational family aperitif. The best part is it’s free to download and play! The package includes the VR mentioned above app, a fancy schmancy smartphone case, a pair of augmented reality glasses, measuring cups, and other kitchen utensils.

The app is a great way for the parents to keep the kids entertained without worrying about them causing trouble. Having a few “do not disturb” zones near the app in use is a good idea, but it can be done. The app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, so you’re in luck!


Startenders is a quirky little vr cooking game that puts you behind the bar of an intergalactic bar. You’re a robotic bartender serving cocktails to aliens looking for refreshing beverages.

The core gameplay is similar to other vr cooking games, but it has a couple of extra touches that make it stand out from the crowd, particularly the need to upgrade your machines and the story-driven campaign mode.

Many little mini-games in the game allow you to test your skills. These are a nice touch to add, as they make the game feel like a playground rather than a boring job sim that might become repetitive after a while.

Putting together the drinks is a fun and intuitive experience, with each order showing you which ingredients are needed and which machine to use to create them. It’s a great way to get to grips with the game and works well in conjunction with the overall progression system.


Ichiran Ramen is a popular Japanese restaurant specializing in tonkatsu ramen (pork-based broth and noodles). It’s not uncommon to see people queue for hours to get their hands on a bowl of this delicious soup.

ICHIRAN has developed a unique system that allows customers to customize their ramen experience. Once you purchase a ticket with the machine, you can choose your seat.

Each cubicle has a screen door, which screens off the adjacent customers and makes it easy to focus on your ramen. Ichiran also focuses on delivering excellent service and attention to detail.

When ordering your ramen, you can choose the noodle texture, the richness of the broth, and the type of toppings you would like to add. The wait staff will then pass you an order sheet under the screen door.

It’s a great way to customize your experience. Plus, you can add a kae-dama (noodle refill) at the vending machine or your seat.