Top 4 VR Sword Games

If you are looking for a great VR sword games-fighting experience, many options exist. Some are very enjoyable, some are dull, but all offer a unique experience.

It is important to note that swordplay in VR isn’t as accurate as in a traditional video game. This is because the controllers are placed differently from your real arms.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall is an excellent VR sword-fighting game from Schell Games. In this physically active roguelike, you take on corrupted humanoids and monstrous creatures in a bright neon hellscape as you try to defeat a crystalline evil that has taken over your kingdom.

Despite minor issues with repetitive environments and enemies, Until You Fall is a genuinely strong gameplay experience. It combines responsive and simple (deceptively so) controls with fleshed-out roguelike elements for an utterly satisfying slashing adventure.

There’s plenty of upgradeable gear, new weapons, and different loadouts to keep you coming back for more. Until You Fall’s combat system has some unfortunate quirks, and I would have liked to see more elements rooted in reality, but as an addictive arcade treat you’ll find hard to put down, it stands a cut above the competition.

You can choose between temporary upgrades to boost your health or weapon power as you progress through each area. This is a great way to make the most of each run, but it does take some time to get your head around everything.

Swords of Gargantua

Swords of Gargantua is a rogue-lite action game featuring realistic swordplay in an immersive virtual reality online environment. Fight against a horde of enemies, level up your weapons and abilities, and ultimately face their master, the colossal end-boss known as Gargantua!

The gameplay is a mix of arena combat and wave-based sword fighting. Your weapons degrade with use but can be crafted into stronger versions through weapon enchantments and stat upgrades.

You can play the game in single-player mode or with up to three friends in co-op. You’ll fight through 101 floors of enemies in the Tesseract Abyss to reach the mighty end-boss Gargantua, all while using voice chat and other social features.

Originally released in 2019, Swords of Gargantua has been updated with a new offline mode, a free sword, and more. It will be available on Meta Quest and SteamVR starting March 2nd. Despite its sluggish control system, the game is worth checking out if you’re a fan of VR and want to experience immersive sword-fighting in a whole new way.


Ironlights is a combat-focused VR sword game that puts you in the arena to battle against other players. You’ll choose one of five fighting styles – Knight, Duelist, Monk, Ninja, or Crusader – and test your skills in multiplayer battles and the huge single-player campaign.

The game uses innovative mechanics to give it the feel of real-life melee combat, including physics-based weapons that shatter on impact, requiring you to swing them back behind your head to reload them. It also uses slow motion and a stamina gauge to ensure you’re always on the edge of your seat.

Despite some of its flaws, Ironlights has shown some real potential, and developer E McNeill has clarified that he plans to continue improving the game after launch. It’s a good sign for vr sword fans, and if Ironlights can keep up with McNeill’s ambitious post-launch roadmap, it could be an impressive title in the future.

Swordsman VR

Swordsman VR is a physics-based medieval combat game with a visceral feel. It offers a variety of enemies with varying weapons and armor, including epic boss battles.

It also features a mini-RPG progression system to keep you returning for more. You can change your settings, add game modifiers, buy new weapons and armor, and upgrade your skills.

The gameplay is randomized, so you can expect different enemies each time you play. They may be a little stronger or less armored than the ones you’ve faced before, but they’re still challenging.

There’s also a sandbox mode to create custom combat scenarios that you can then challenge yourself against. Spawn any enemy/weapon combination (including multiple bosses at once), experiment with modifiers, and more.

Swordsman VR is a fun sword-fighting experience requiring an HMD, motion controllers, and a microphone. It’s a good distraction and a nice addition to the virtual reality genre.