Top 5 VR Fighting Games

Whether you like boxing or sword fighting, there are plenty of VR fighting games that will push you to the limit. These VR fighting games will have you throwing down with simulated sweat trickling down your face as you knock your opponent out for good.

Until You Fall is a procedurally generated VR sword fighting game that features an arcade-style gameplay experience. It also has a full physics system to give players a more realistic experience.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall is a VR hack-and-slash roguelike that’s sure to please players who crave a tough challenge. Its pulsing soundtrack and vibrant environments are also a draw, as is the game’s energetic pacing.

In Until You Fall, you play as a rune knight who crawls through chambers of enemies until they die, allowing you to build up experience and earn new weapons for your next battle. You’ll then return to a hub world where you can spend your aether to increase your weapons and stats before resuming your journey.

Until You Fall’s gameplay straddles the line between arcade melee design and more physics-driven combat, requiring you to match your weapon with an opponent’s attack in order to parry it before countering with your own swings. You’ll have to keep your enemies on the defensive until their’shield’ meter is broken, which allows you to slash away at them with a series of damaging hits.

Swords of Gargantua

Swords of Gargantua is a VR sword combat game that allows you to swing, stab, crush and parry with over 170 weapons as you fight your way through 101 floors of enemies to the colossal end-boss, Gargantua. There are a number of quests that reward you with stars which help unlock more powerful weapons.

As you progress through the arenas, you have to rely on strategy rather than flailing wildly and that’s what makes it challenging. You need to time your attacks, back up and parry when needed. There are a variety of weapons from different swords to boomerangs to shields and more.


Ironlights is a VR combat game that focuses on skillful, fluid melee combat. You can test your skills in multiplayer battles or fight to the top of the league in a huge single-player campaign.

While many Vr fighting games focus on physics-based weapons, Ironlights goes above and beyond with a dynamic ‘back-and-forth’ swordplay system that requires players to parry attacks, and cleverly slip past defenses in tense slow-motion combat scenes.

It also features some of the most innovative weaponry in the genre, including ‘energy’ arcs that can be’shot’ from your weapons. These are very effective, despite being harder to block than traditional projectile weapons.


Gorn is a silly, violent, bloody, and goofy VR fighting game that takes the concept of a gladiator simulator and makes it into one of the most entertaining games you can play in PSVR. It’s a great way to relax and let off some steam, and there’s a good amount of depth to the gameplay.

In Gorn, you take on the role of an arena fighter who is able to use a variety of blades, hammers, and ranged weapons to dispatch your enemies. Unlike other Vr fighting games, Gorn is also a lot more physically engaging, as you swing your PlayStation Move controllers around to attack your opponents with a ragdoll-like movement system that causes them to fly off the ground like balloons when they’re hit.


Swordsman is a VR fighting game that combines medieval warriors and epic boss fights in a physics-based experience. You’ll meet Knights, Vikings, Mongols, Samurai, Pirates and more.

It features realistic armor physics, epic boss fights and powerful boss weapons, RPG player progression and customization, a Kraken, Blacksmith, Armorer and Skill Master to help you build your character suited to your playstyle.

It’s a pretty vr fighter game that offers a slightly different approach to sword fighting in VR, which may be appealing to some gamers. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as grounded as Blade and Sorcery or even Hellsplit Arena and its actual swordplay can feel a bit floaty.