Top 5 VR Shooting Games

VR Shooting Games In Virtual Reality, there are a lot of cool games that you can play. Some of them are a little more complicated than others, but they’re all very fun to play.

One of the more interesting games is Gun ‘n’ Stories. It has a fun Wild West theme and a unique take on shooting gallery games.

Robo Recall

One of the most impressive VR games to date, Robo Recall is an action-packed title built exclusively for Oculus. The game’s physics engine – a clever blend of real-time and simulated physics – makes for a highly immersive experience, particularly when it comes to navigating complex environments. The graphics are stunning, and the game’s awe-inspiring scale and depth really make it feel as though you are right there in the thick of things.

Among the most interesting features of the game is its ability to simulate a range of firearms, from machine guns that rattle like a tiger to shotguns that spray like a storm. The game is also notable for its free locomotion, which lets players move around their stomping grounds at a pace that feels almost as fast as the actual action.

There’s a lot more to the game than just guns and bullets, such as exploration, stealth and scavenging for items of value. While it isn’t as fun to play as the likes of Assassin’s Creed, there’s plenty here that will keep you entertained for hours on end. In addition to a bevy of weapons and gadgets, the game has an array of hidden collectibles to keep your brain busy for the rest of the day.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR is one of the Best Sniper Games on PS4. It features some of the most famous historical sniper rifles and gives you the opportunity to fire them in virtual reality. There are also a lot of missions to complete.

The gameplay of Sniper Elite VR is very different from its predecessors, moving away from the traditional third person shooter template and into a more open world. It’s not quite a full-on shooter like Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond or Deus Ex Human Revolution, but it certainly has its fair share of thrills.

For starters, it has a few X-Ray kill cam sequences that bring the action even closer to the player than ever before. Rebellion has done a good job of ensuring these aren’t jarring, although they’re certainly not without their drawbacks.

There are also some issues with aiming, which is something the PSVR does suffer from, particularly when using pistols and submachine guns (SMGs). This can result in shots landing too high or not firing at all, especially if you get too close to an enemy.

However, there is a solution for this, and that’s Focus Mode. This is an extra reticule that paints a tighter circle around whatever you’re aiming at, and it does help to improve accuracy.

But even with this feature, Sniper Elite VR doesn’t feel like a great game. The main problem is its pace-destroying level structure.

Each level takes between 10 and 30 minutes to complete, putting you through a variety of harrowing war scenarios, all punctuated with a ‘Mission Complete!’ screen before ejecting you back to a menu. This destroys any tension or mood that the game was attempting to build.

Phantom Covert Ops

Phantom Covert Ops takes a unique approach to the genre, making for an immersive VR experience that feels far more natural than other stealth titles. Playing from the seat of a kayak, you navigate narrow waterways as you attempt to sneak past a range of obstacles, from enemy guards to patrol boats to security cameras.

You’ll find yourself tasked with infiltrating a secret base, which you begin by taking control of from the safety of your tactical kayak. The environment itself is incredibly well-designed, with a series of boggy swamps dotted with forgotten wrecks and crumbling scenery that slowly becomes more apparent as you progress.

Your mission is to sneak around and take down your targets, using a mix of stealth and sniper firepower. The gameplay itself isn’t terribly complicated, but it does feel rewarding in its own right, and there are a number of clever little quirks that make it more fun than many other stealth games.

The game’s combat is also quite enjoyable, with the tactical layout giving you a good overview of the map and what your foes are up to in the background. While it’s not quite the isometric turn-based system that was so popular with XCOM games, the cat-and-mouse nature of the strategy makes for some intense moments.

While it’s easy to get swept up in the espionage, it’s important to keep an eye on the larger picture of what’s going on and where your enemies are located at all times. This is made possible by the game’s two meters that track your enemy’s progress on the map, and it really forces you to manage resources at all times.

There are also some limiting factors, including that all of your missions will be relatively short and that you’ll only see a single Avenger Assault in the campaign. Nevertheless, you can still play as either the United States or the KGB, and if you’re an XCOM fan, this is a game worth checking out.

Superhot VR

Superhot VR is a fun shooting game that offers a bullet-time mechanic and a great experience. However, it also has a few limitations as far as its story is concerned.

It is an action hero shooter that has you performing triple jumps, wall runs, power slides and slowing time down while firing your weapon at a foe. You can also kit yourself with katanas, firearms, bows, throwing glaives and legendary relics as you make your way through multiple levels.

This makes it a lot of fun to play, and it is definitely worth checking out. It also works well on all headsets and is very easy to use, especially for those who are new to VR gaming.

One thing that I really liked about this game was that it gave you a feeling of being in control of your body while playing, which is something that many VR shooters fail to achieve. This is because the Oculus Rift and Vive are capable of tracking movement in a realistic way, but it is still a nice change for players to have that control over their body instead of just using the controllers.

The other feature that I love about this game is the fact that it has you interacting with your environment in a fluid way. For example, when you punch a foe, they will toss their weapons into the air. You can then snag them and fire at them as they fall.

Another cool thing about this game is the fact that it has a lot of different weapons to choose from, and they all have their own unique gameplay. These include pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and even a knife.


Blaston VR is a competitive tactical workout where your survival hinges on a single rule: Never Stay Still. Duel players in slow-motion bullet-hell as you collect weapons, personalize your loadout, and move your whole body to dodge oncoming fire as you line up your next perfect shot. Customize your weapons with game-changing attachments, glow up your avatar and arsenal with new looks, and create player-hosted tournaments in the Ozo Lounge.

It’s a bit of a letdown that the Blaston VR experience is so similar to the non-VR version in terms of gameplay, though it’s an excellent game that is well worth playing. Its only real problem is that the levels are too small for an immersive experience, which can make it hard to keep your eyes on the action at all times.