Love RPGs? Here Are Ten Of The Best For Your VR Headset

Ten Of The Top VR RPGs For Vive, Rift, PSVR, Windows VR And Quest

For many people, VR gives them a way of escaping from their everyday lives. As soon as they put on their headset, they’re transported immediately to a brand new world. Whether that means being taken to a fantasyland of wondrous, magical creatures or whether it means exploring amazing locations and living out your dreams, virtual reality games can allow you to experience it all first-hand.

These days, there are some pretty amazing VR games out there to choose from. Whatever type of experience you’re interested in, you’ll find something on our top ten run-down of the best virtual reality RPGs that you’re sure to love. Whether you own a Vive, Rift, Oculus Quest, Windows MR, or PSVR, you’ll find games here to keep you entertained for hours in a well-designed and creative world that you can immerse yourself in.

Remember, consumer-focused virtual reality is still in its infancy, so developers haven’t yet dedicated themselves to spending years on crafting an ultimate end-to-end experience. Most of the titles you’ll find here are non-VR titles which have been updated to incorporate the latest technology, or developed by small and passionate teams who really love VR.

Also, as this list is specifically all about RPGS (or role-playing games), you won’t find any titles here, which are primarily adventure games, shooters, or action games with a combat focus unless their emphasis is heavily on the RPG elements. Not only that, we’ve left mobile titles off this list too since there are just so few really good VR RPG games for mobile at the moment.

Are you ready to find out more? Read on, and discover our best picks for your RPG VR experience.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Skyrim VR game was first announced to the public at E3, and for those who were already a fan of The Elder Scrolls game franchise, it was a fantasy come true! The idea of actually physically walking Whiterun’s streets and killing dragons in virtual reality was something which was thrilling and fascinating in equal measure. Luckily, the experience really does live up to all the hype too! Although the NPC interaction is rather awkward and the flat menu structure isn’t ideal, the scale of the content is unrivaled currently in VR. It’s one of the very best RPGs to ever have been made and now with added virtual reality – what’s not to like? Even better, if you’re playing on your PC, you’ve even got the option of playing with mods!

Fallout 4 VR

While Skyrim VR was met with one of the smoothest launches in recent memory, the Fallout 4 VR title didn’t experience the same easy beginning. Nevertheless, the setting in a post-apocalyptic universe is just perfect for a virtual reality game. If you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ll struggle to find any other franchise which fulfills your stylistic wishes so completely. Instead of the mystical powers and lands of Skyrim, this title transports you to a decrepit and dark wasteland where the possibilities seem endless, and you’re sure to find that building settlements with your motion controllers in VR is surprisingly fun to accomplish.

Journey of the Gods

If simple charm is your kind of thing, Journey of the Gods won’t disappoint. Fair enough, it’s nothing too out of the ordinary when compared with other action/adventure VR games, and its visuals aren’t exactly mind-blowing. Nevertheless, it’s a tightly designed, well-made adventure that offers you hours-worth of content which is beginning to be explored. With any luck, this will become a franchise that allows us to experience a better, bolder, and bigger sequel. Available on Rift and Quest, this game is fun and delightful – perfect for adventure fans.

Karnage Chronicles

Feel like exploring some dungeons alongside your friends? Karnage Chronicles lets you do just that but with clearly defined roles and in virtual reality! Similar in style to Dungeon Knight, Karnage Chronicles places its focus clearly on co-ops and having fun. Players are often surprised by how inventive the environment design is, and with its solid progression system, this title, which is still being actively developed, allows you to experience plenty of amazing content even though it’s only in its Early Access phase.

The Mage’s Tale

If you’re looking for a title that allows you to live out your magical fantasies in VR, The Mage’s Tale, developed by inXile Entertainment, is the game for you. Created by the same team that brought you Wasteland and The Bard’s Tale, this RPG is a single-player game that sees you battling dangerous goblins and avoiding deadly traps. The campaign is also surprisingly lengthy, with more than ten hours of engaging and excellent content to enjoy. Arguably boasting some of the genre’s most impressive production values, this title can be found on Vive, PSVR, and Rift, and even though its linear structure isn’t open world, it does offer you fun adventuring with excellent pace.


OrbusVR has the honor of being the very first VR MMO to be supported and released. While it still can’t hold up against Ready Player One or Sword Art Online, it laid an impressive foundation on which other titles could build. Now overhauled and released on the Quest platform, this title is better and bigger than ever before. Even better, you’re able to play completely for free right up to the tenth level!

Shadow Legend

While Shadow Legend isn’t like to blow your mind or turn those who aren’t yet converted to VR into lifelong fans, it delivers impressively on its mission to offer a featureful VR single-player RPG which tells players a full story packed with intrigue and action. It may be clunky, and its production values are slightly questionable, but it does offer a fun adventure-filled experience that you won’t want to end. Already available on headsets for PC VR, you’ll soon find it released for PSVR too.

Vanishing Realms: Rites of Steel

This title holds the accolade of being the very first roomscale RPG for VR. Originally released in its Early Access format at the launch of the HTC Vive, Vanishing Realms: Rites of Steel remains a popular and well-crafted game. Even after so long, it remains in its Early Access version, so it’s only going to get better with time. Arguably, this title is one of the most classic games to be featured here to take its inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons. Players explore dungeons, fight enemies and evade traps and simple puzzles. The world is full of endless potential, so it’s no surprise that it’s still incredibly popular due to its fun-filled gameplay.

The Witching Tower

If you like The Mage’s Tale, already featured on this list, you’re sure to love The Witching Tower. The two games are similar in style and content, but this title takes the adventure in a direction which is more like a gothic horror than fantasy. The combat experience is good, while there are plenty of fun puzzles which you can solve. True, there’s less content and fewer features in this title, when compared with most of the others, found here; however it’s definitely a strong contender in the adventure category and will round out any RPG VR collection!

The Wizards: Enhanced Edition

When it comes to first-person, magic-based action titles, you’re sure to find that The Wizards: Enhanced Editions makes the grade. The interactive spell-casting system isn’t cumbersome, while there is no shortage of content in the game’s campaign mode. Even better, there are lots of collectibles, mission augmentations, and an Arena mode, which is replayable, and all of these add up to create a journey which is fun and engaging. However, the short length, repetition, and wave-shooter recycled mission structure means that creativity is a little lacking in this title. While you’ll enjoy your gameplay experience, it falls a little short of its potential to be the definitive spell-casting title for VR players. You can find this game on Oculus Quest, PC VR, and PSVR.

So, there you have it – ten of the best role-playing titles available for virtual reality headsets today. Whether you love adventure, fantasy, horror, or spell-casting, you won’t be disappointed by any of these top contenders, all of which will give you hours of fun and entertainment in the comfort of your own home. Whatever type of VR headset you own, you’ll find a title here that you’ll truly love!

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