Totally Realistic Sledding VR-Plectrum Software

Released Jan 2018 2.0★
[b][i]Totally Realistic Sledding VR[/i][/b] is the most [i]totally realistic sledding[/i] simulator for VR!

It’s a fast and exciting arcade racer where you jump off cliffs, slide off ramps and bash everything in your way.
Using the laws of physics, we’ve managed to create the most [i]totally[/i] realistic sledding vr game. Carve the snow and avoid obstacles whilst trying to get the best time possible.

[h2]Key features[/h2]
[*][i]Totally[/i] the next big thing in VR
[*]Sled and experience the cool snow in any season – its VR afterall!
[*]Fast and exciting
[*]Embrace your inner child – tons of easter eggs
[*]You probably can’t tell if a bug is a feature or not
[*]Can be a skiing or snowboarding game as well – just don’t look down!

[h2]Plans for the future[/h2]
[*]Way more levels
[*]Buy cool stuff from a shop
[*]More than one achievement, and ones you can actually unlock
[*]Even more stuff

Discord: [url][/url]

User Reviews

Apr 21, 2019
Simple, quick, and probably more fun for kids or adults who are drunk. If this game had more courses, longer courses and was more like the game Steep it would be really good or at least better.

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