Toy House Boom-Mad House game Studio

Released Jul 2019
Toy House Boom is a concept game for physical therapy, the game utilizes your front field of movement to cause therapeutic motion for balancing physical therapy.
What is home, to you? It sure isn’t what it used to be. However blissful your home life, the fact is home is never quite as homely as when you were a kid. Why is that? Because home is your comfort zone, that place you spend half your grown-up hours trying to escape. A place where time marches on, but you can pretend it doesn’t. Why not put off proofreading that paper or working on that presentation, and take some time to play God and homemaker to a bunch of paper dolls. Save the good ones, watch the bad ones meet their grisly fates, toss them out the window if fate is too slow. Maybe toss a good one out, too, no one’s stopping you.

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