Transpose-Secret Location

Released Nov 2018 4.6★
The universe renews, refreshes and repeats, infinitely folding in on itself. I am made of its energy. My past and future selves are always with me. We work together to generate the infinite cycle of creation and destruction. I exist within and without time, I am inevitable, I am eternal. Time and gravity are my tools to manipulate the world. I don’t recognize this world, but I know I have been here before.

Transpose is a dreamlike VR puzzle game set in a universe where time and gravity are used as tools to manipulate the world. By creating and working with looped recordings of their actions, players must solve increasingly complex physics puzzles in a mysterious setting where notions of space and time no longer apply.

Player Echoes
Transpose features real time player recording, allowing you to play back your actions one to one in real time while interacting with your past selves. You must create echoes of your self, rewind time, and work with these echoes to solve puzzles. Go ahead, give yourself a high five.

Time and Gravity
Set in a mesmerizingly surreal world, Transpose allows players to control time and gravity. Rotate the environment around you to walk on walls and ceilings, experience perspective shifts and multifaceted puzzles in ways only possible in VR.

Travel across 3 distinct worlds solving gravity defying physics puzzles in over 35 unique levels featuring impossible, otherworldly architecture.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Jan 26, 2019
Simple, yet fun game. This is a fairly unique approach on what turns out to be fairly simplistic dynamics. This is a good game for VR.

Feb 05, 2019
nice vr style.
relaxing with that music and this environment is pure joy

Jan 02, 2019
Absolutely amazing. I just played for about 2 hours and I’m already blown away. The immersion is incredible with arms that mimic your movement and well implemented locomotion.

The gameplay feels awesome, something I had never tried before. Solving time-bending puzzles.

Absolutely recommended.

Dec 21, 2018
Great first-person puzzle game along the lines of The Talos Principle or the puzzle sections of A Crack in Time. Viveport doesn’t track games you launch from SteamVR properly, so I don’t know how long it took me to finish. 20 hours maybe? Certainly long enough to warrant a purchase if you’re not a Viveport subscriber.

Nov 23, 2018
This is all about reanimation.If you want to experience the difference between looking at an Escher painting and actually being part of an Escher world, you should enter this puzzle and help yourself to get out of it again. Very strong concept! Amazingly simplified interaction design for these levels of complexity. World design is a bit clinical in the long run. But this is why it is all about reanimation…

Dec 21, 2018
Love the aesthetic, puzzles do a good job of explaining the mechanics to you in the beginning then get properly challenging.

Dec 02, 2018
Amazing VR puzzle game! The concept of echos and solving puzzles like this is a lot of fun. Good graphics too.

Nov 27, 2018
A fantastic puzzle game with some really cool mechanics, a beautiful setting, and brain bending puzzles.

May 12, 2019
Beatiful, clever and very addictive! Love this game!

Apr 01, 2019
Best VR game I’ve played so far. It was short (~16 hrs), but what was there was amazing. There was enough basic technique teaching, and puzzles ramped up at just the right speed to give a perfect learning curve. Visually, it was also amazing, and the music was nothing groundbreaking, but it did a good job of setting the mood.

Apr 06, 2019
very good puzzle game :) beautifull enviroment and good movement :)

Feb 25, 2019
Like The Talos Principle but with 80% of the player tools removed, and the narrative removed, leaving the Transpose player with only time-rewinding powers in an un-storied universe. The player’s skill at throwing and catching is sometimes critical to advancing. I got 60% of the way through in a few hours, then didn’t want to play catch with myself anymore. Get this on subscription, spend the money you save on The Talos Principle.

Nov 28, 2018
Love the surreal atmosphere and a great game design for this excellent puzzle game: If you like Vr and puzzle it’s your game.

Nov 25, 2018
The concept is very interesting – collaborating with yourself in parallel timelines. The controls could be more convenient in relation to the actions the game-play insists we do to perform. I did not play the game until the end of it so I cannot speak for the whole game. Anyways – this is a puzzler, or escape-room, with a great twist – should the controls and game-play be better suited to tasks – gratification would escalate easily. This game is extra worth it if you enjoy new relationships to time. As an artist, I would have loved to see a bit of the classic “less is more” as for the spaces – all portals are gorgeous and essentially everything looks good but the appearance would probably have been closer to breathtaking if it was a bit less of spatial “sprinkles”.

May 26, 2019
Un juego diferente y tranquilo, lo he jugado poco. pero creo que lo voy a jugar bastante mas. Una mecánica interesante. Recomiendo ver un poco los vídeos de presentación para entender como va, porque al comienzo hay unos niveles de aprendizaje muy muy básicos para ir captando el funcionamiento. La esencia del juego se pilla un poco mas tarde. Y ese puntito de vértigo y tensión en algún momento. Recomendable.

May 30, 2019
First impression was super nice. But then I was stuck forever at the level “GATE”. It just does not work. I confirmed on youtube that my idea was correct, but I just cannot throw it hard enough to make it fly where I want. It was so frustrating. And I gave up… :-(

I have Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers…

Jul 25, 2019
Everything was amazing until I was asked to throw a box onto another platform. No matter what I did the box flew miles behind my head. I loved the graphics and the puzzles were awesome. I loved the fact that I actually had arms and not just floating hands. However I gave up because I couldn’t throw a freakin box!!! >=(

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