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Released Jul 2018
Trek: Travel Around the World update bringing two new locations to explore!

In Trek: Around the World one can experience a total of five real-world locations, varying from Finland to India! Watch as magical phenomenons blend with each destination visited in VR. Slip on your headset and trek around captivating environments!

Immerse yourself in the world as you interact with the different settings, power the city of Helsinki as a giant, fill the skies with the Northern Lights by catching magic fish, slingshot colorful balls at targets to set off a collection of fireworks, and traverse the Northern American wilderness to gain insight in Canadian culture!

The world is your playground and if you look at the world through the eyes of a child, you can experience the magic in everything.
– unknown source

Trek: Travel Around the World is the first thing you want to show to your friends and family members in VR. It’s a fun experience suited for any level of VR expertise. With Trek, you can enjoy exploring immersive breathtaking environments in ways that could never have been imagined before VR!

We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey.
– unknown source

With this update comes two new areas! Both India and Canada have been added, each with mesmerizing experiences of their own.

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