Undersea Park-bruno LESIEUR

Released Feb 2019 3.8★
UNDERSEA PARK is a virtual piece of ocean to explore
You’ll be able to meet with Manta Rays, Blue Whales and 3 species of Sharks :
Grey Sharks, HammerHead Scalloped Sharks, Whale Sharks.
Each specie has been done precisely and is easily recognizable.

We all know the current ecological state of the ocean.
and I would like to turn this free personal project into a bigger one for both fun and educational purposes
This would result in a virtual 3D sanctuary with plenty of different species and environments.

It can happen through funding and or partnership, any ideas are welcomed.

If interested you can contact me at : lesieur3d@gmail.com
more infos are available on this website : https://bruno-lesieur.com

You can also greatly help the visibility of the project by putting
a nice comment on viveport.com

This VR art place was done by Bruno LESIEUR Computer Graphics Artist having fun with VR
More infos are available on this website : https://bruno-lesieur.com

Asset Credits Under CC attribution :
– Loïc Norgeot for “Lowpoly People” / sketchfab
– Sky4gj for “Dolphin Model” ( tursiops truncatus ) / sketchfab
– neurodolphin for “Female Orca” ( orcinus orca ) / sketchfab
– DigitalLife3D for the sea turtles / sketchfab ( non commercial license )

Many thanks to all asset creators !

User Reviews

Apr 06, 2019
This is amazingly well done and an experience i find myself coming back to again and again over the months. The movement options are very user friendly and i actually find the free swimming movement complexly natural now. It’s so beautiful and peaceful!

I would not hesitate to spend money to keep this in my library. Please continue your work and I will be keeping and eye out for anything you produce.

This is a must have for every VR Library

Mar 31, 2019
Im going to give this the full 5 stars, and here’s why.
I frist tried the swimming around mode, it’s actually pretty good and I didnt feel motion sickness or anything although I wished I could have breached the surface.
I then tried the Stationary version and enjoyed how a lot of the smaller swimmers got close enough to touch. I kindof wished there was some feedback like they were swimming against the controller, but no matter.
I read the panel in the beginning and I want to help this person out.

Save teh oceans, there’s a lot more than sharks in there.

Mar 18, 2019
Very cool and realistic, I loved it !

Mar 13, 2019
Really cool, you feel like swimming freely !

Mar 26, 2019
Well made, but when sea creatures make no effort to avoid you and swim right through your camera viewpoint, suddenly you’re seeing sea creatures from the inside, and the illusion is broken.

Jun 06, 2019
A very elementary VR experience. Appears quite artificial and animated. Repetitive. For a very young child only

Sep 28, 2019
Faut toucher la sphère pour lancer/arrêter un niveau. Super chiant en nage libre. Les boutons du contrôleurs ne vous plaisaient pas???

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