Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War-Shanghai Wishing Entertainment Limited

Released Feb 2019 3.1★
You will play the role of Deputy Commander in the ‘Unearthing Mars’ mission, trying to unravel the secrets hidden in the Phobos Fragment from the Ark Research Center’s closed-door study. Through the Ark Device, you will experience a war across outer space and return to the Earth and Mars of ancient times. You will then embark on a journey to discover the secrets of ancient Mars from the perspective of a high-ranking officer.

Each of the various fast-paced shooting stages features 6 or more guns to choose from. Special skills can be used at critical moments so that you can shuttle between enemies and take your time aiming at weak points to take out enemy generals. You can take advantage of being practically invincible to get familiar with the rhythms of attack. Remember, in-game bosses will constantly be testing your mastery of weapons and skills.

User Reviews

Feb 20, 2019
It was surprisingly enjoyable. Has bullet-time mechanism that’s kinda cool. The story is a bit confusing for me. It’s short-ish, just a couple of hours to finish the whole thing, which is a plus for me.

Mar 22, 2019
Superceeds and succeeds beyond the predecessor.The first one I played on psvr and it was really ggod.This one is far done better.Jesus too died for you.He is alive !

Dec 01, 2019
This was a very good game. Surprisingly good. Never heard of it. This completely went under my radar. And yes, this is first gen VR with teleportation and stuff, but easily AA quality, good graphics, polished and everything. Actual story telling. Challenging boss fights, lots of variety in level and game design. Yes, the story is confusing and I did not get all of it. But bottom line is, I was really enjoying it.

Jul 04, 2019
Easily one of the best VR first person shooter games. It has a nice storyline and variety of environments to fight in. Graphic is nice..

Apr 12, 2019
Short and sweet but not too short to the point of being unfinished. It begs the question though where is the first game? It’s available on steam but not here?

Feb 06, 2019
Wow I was really surprised, finally a really good game available for the subcription. Once you understand the mechanics of moving and slowing down time its quite enjoyable. The first few levels are good but the levels keep getting better further on. Music and sound fx really stood out to me. The later levels are beautiful! and some of the cut scenes are really immersive (like the intro and chapter 6). Fighting the giant elephant mech was awesome. Only made it to chapter 7 until my wireless batteries died. Gave it 4 stars because they should change the ange of the gun when using vive controllers. I also used it on a rift and the gun angle is better on that. Also I wish there were more parts of the game where you need to move around more (like dodging, ducking etc) sometimes I felt like I was standing in the same place most of the levels.

Mar 03, 2019
Teleport, shoot a handful of enemies, repeat. You can activate bullet-time about half the time. You can choose a different gun, but don’t need to. There’s a story, but it doesn’t reach a conclusion. Two hours long. Great graphics.

Mar 25, 2019
Great Story, Okay graphics, Shooting gamplay is very good. Lots of content. Great game if you love shooters

May 09, 2019
The game is made very well and it made a lot of effort. Quality and attention to detail on top, everything is nice except one. Because of the attempt to make the game for everyone in it just boring to play for those people who play VR is not the first year.

Oct 26, 2019
I didn’t like the limited movement and the silly plastic looking gun

Apr 21, 2019
pues el juego nos pone en un futuro, donde la tierra (o marte, la verdad que es confuso) donde revivimos los haceres de espada blanca. hay una primera parte, pero vamos, no me noto que la necesite para mal entender la historia, que aunque este subtitulado, es un batiburrillo de ideas raras y mal contadas.

La gracia es entenderlo como un time crisis vr futurista y bueno, en esto si cumple. vas de localizacion fija, selecionandola tu y vas machacando a todo lo que ves, con dos armas y con alguna que otra habilidad especial.

Yo el problema que he tenido con el juego, es que me ha crasheado varias veces aleatoriamente, y la verdad, volver a jugar los niveles desde 0 se hace muy pesado, sin contar el abrir el juego otra vez y tal.

Le daria 3 estrellas ya que es simplemente divertido, pero le bajo la estrella por los crash que me han dado, que ya me han aburrido.

Feb 11, 2020

Sound defaults to the wrong output device and there’s no way to change it. Sat through 15 minutes of silent cutscenes before being allowed to quit to the main menu where the options couldn’t fix the problem.

And the developer website is useless, update your drivers? That doesn’t help.

Edit: The Windows website finally showed me how to force the audio to my hedset, so here’s the real review:

BORING on rails shooter where the weakest enemy in the game takes 4 full seconds of machinegun fire to kill it, and then you have to reload. The voice acting is horrible, the accents were so bad they would be present for once sentance then disapear for the next, the sound effects are WAY to loud despite being turned down to almost nothing, and it was just unejoyable in every way.

Dec 23, 2019

Not good. Graphics are kinda cool, yet not feels good I don’t know why. The gameplay is boring. I have experienced sound problems as well.

Jul 19, 2019

okay man if you want to make me like this game how about not giving me useless weapons to start im really going to fire for 2 seconds then stand there for 6 seconds waiting for it to reload every single fight smh nope

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