Unruly Ghouls-Machete Games LLC

Released Nov 2016
Unruly Ghouls is an insanely fun VR arcade style defense shooter set in a beautifully spooky environment. The ghouls may look cute but they must be stopped! The only thing keeping them from taking over are your super high tech anti-ghoul wards, which these ghouls will stop at nothing to destroy. Grab your ghoul hunting inventions and take these ghouls out! Experience what it feels like to be inside an arcade game.

Key Features
*Unique Shooter Defense Gameplay – A new take on defense gameplay blended with arcade shooting action!
*Anti-Ghoul Inventions – Weaken the ghouls with your blaster and suck them up using your vacuum! This combination is a new gameplay experience you can’t get anywhere else!
*Local Leaderboard – Compete with your friends for the high score, the top ten scores and intitials are saved, the perfect VR party game!
*Spectral Orbs – Collect spectral orbs to power up your inventions or repair your anti-ghoul wards!
*Multiple Ghoul Enemies – From minion ghouls to a huge boss ghoul, there are several variations of the ghouls to fight!

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