Unseen Diplomacy-Triangular Pixels

Released Apr 2016 5.0★
Unseen Diplomacy casts you as an elite member of The British Espionage Tactical Initiative, defeating the plans of evil-doers around the world. With a real-life obstacle course created by the Vive’s incredible virtual reality environment, you will run and roll, sneak and solve your way through volcano lairs and moon bases.

It behaves like ‘redirected walking’, which means the core control of the game is directed by the player’s own movements.
The experience is focused through clever use of room layouts – by warping and manipulating space without you being aware of it, Unseen Diplomacy allows you to explore and navigate your way through a much bigger environment – no teleporting or portals required!

Virtual reality is a unique experience and Unseen Diplomacy is an intense and immersive game designed to offer you a glimpse into espionage life through your own eyes and movements.

Unseen Diplomacy has received strong attention and interest so we’re really pleased to be able to bring it to Steam in this format. This does mean that it is very much an experiential game – see below for guidelines on how to make the most of Unseen Diplomacy…

User Reviews

Jan 04, 2018
While there’s nothing more to the story than a lighthearted, simple premise that riffs on spy movie tropes, this is really all it needs to deliver the fast-paced sense of fun and adventure you’re sure to get out of Unseen Diplomacy with each and every race to save the world.
It’s rare to see games this physically active be so impressively inventive. Don’t miss this one, as it’s the perfect chance to make the best use of your large space (if you have it) and help your friends work up a sweat as they hustle through the course in record time!

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