Urban Zombie Hunter-Program-Ace

Released Apr 2017 2.0★
Do you like zombies? Urban Zombie Hunter is a place where you’re going to meet lots of them. Dive into a spooky night city where every building is hiding creepy zombies in its shadow. This is a chance to feel like being a superhero who has to save the city from the overwhelming evil and dreadful creatures from beyond. Just fly through the urban landscapes and shoot the bastards!
The game allows you to use your head as a controller for moving and to shoot zombies on your way which make the game exciting, immersive, and engaging.
More details here: http://program-ace.com/

User Reviews

Jul 29, 2019
The game sends you flying down a path where you basically shoot at zombies and avoid 2D buildings. It pretty much has nothing to do with zombies aside from them walking aimlessly around. There are power ups that slow down the game but its pretty boring unless you’re looking for something easy for your kids.

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