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Released Feb 2020 5.0★
Learn to code in VR by playing games in this virtual computer science lab.

Be transported into new worlds and experience programming in a whole new way. Step inside a unique 3D environment and interact with entertaining characters using code. You will learn coding logic and fundamentals all while using all the fun experiences that only VR can offer. Explore coding concepts such as loops, conditionals, variables, arrays, and functions all while being immersed in virtual 3D environments and coding with 3D code blocks. You will physically touch the code in ways programmers can only imagine!

By breaking down the barriers to learning abstract concepts, vCoder Labs allows you to experience computer science fundamentals through an immersive, gamified, VR world. It starts at the very beginning, so no prior skill set is required to get started! You’ll see your code in action, and be able to experiment quickly to solve challenges! You’ll walk away knowing the basics of coding theory and how a computer interprets code faster than ever.

vCoder Labs makes it easy to learn! It uses a block-based visual language and presents programming logic spatially. This provides transferable coding and computational thinking skills as you explore through exciting gameplay. These concepts reflect other coding languages like C#, JavaScript, Python and more.

– Navigate through different environments and unlock new worlds
– Use code to alter the world around you in real-time
– Help your character overcome obstacles
– Meet COD-E, your helper bot, and interact with other entertaining characters
– Unlock new features, abilities, and customizations – unlock all of the secrets
– Challenges build on previous lessons, reinforcing and advancing learning as you go
– Multiple worlds to explore
– Fresh challenges that scale as you learn

vCoder Labs leverages the unique attributes of VR in order to expand and enhance computer science education; enabling a new generation of students to discover the powerful benefits of learning how to code. In today’s job market, knowing the basics of coding is a must, not just for programmers but for the algorithmic thinking skills it develops. vCoder Labs makes learning this critical knowledge fun for everyone and presents it in a way that is sure to please and spark interest in the topic at the same time.

Our team of researchers and educators tailor the content based on the latest computer science educational framework, so you’ll be learning only the most up-to-date, pertinent CS concepts.

vCoder Labs is the first game to teach computer science and coding in VR. Join us on the adventure and start coding in VR!

vCoder Labs is ideal for anyone, at any age, who wants to learn core computer science concepts and boost algorithmic thinking skills.

“vCoder Labs is so much fun! I love coding in VR!” -Yeva, A happy 10-year-old vCoder Labs user.

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Feb 14, 2020
Highly recommended

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