Vinnie’s Diary-Entangle Games, Inc.

Released Feb 2018
Vinnie’s Diary is a VR puzzle-solving game. Players will play as Edward Shawn, a child psychologist who enters Vinson, a special patient’s imaginary world during his career, exploring what happened deep inside his memory.

After 20 years of the last meeting with Vinson Gogh, our protagonist Dr. Shawn received a letter and some souvenirs from this special patient. These things brought back some memories for Shawn from the treatment process. Now, let us follow Edward Shawn back to 20 years ago to witness Vinson’s magical world. In this journey, you will play as Vinson’s psychologist, step into his heart, solve the mystery and reveal the story behind it.

Read through Vinnie’s Diary, discovering beginning and ending of the story, experiencing a marvelous VR journey.

1.Solving more than 30 levels of innovative puzzles.
2.Feeling the charm of multiple fantastical worlds.
3.Finding Clues in both real and fantastical worlds, uncovering the truth pieces by pieces.
4.Seated gameplay is supported and highly recommended. Relax yourselves.

Vinnie’s Diary is our first attempt to tell a story in the form of VR game. To explain the story in VR, we tried our best to experiment new ways to interact with the VR environment and consulted many other art forms. We hide many important clues in-game objects and we hope everyone interprets a different story.
We are happy to present Vinnie’s Diary to you and hope you enjoy it!

Now, let’s turn on Vinnie’s Diary and begin the warm journey of therapy.

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