Virtually Impossible-Growl Interactive

Released Jun 2017 3.1★
The Impossible VR Party Game. Compete with friends to a marathon of ridiculous challenges. Deceivingly simple and hilarious for players and audiences that is sure to bring the room to its feet.

Who will go the furthest?
Compete in a kart race with your friends to achieve the furthest distance. But beware, in order to advance you will have to overcome impossible challenges. Gameplay specifically designed for VR that puts players dexterity, intelligence and reflexes to the test.

– 1-4 Players hot seat local multiplayer. Strap on to race for glory then sit back and watch your friends fail in agony.
– 8 ridiculous challenges, each having 5 difficulties and absurd varieties.
– Arcade Edition, designed for quick action and fun for new VR users.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Fil Arkonus
Aug 14, 2017
This is a very silly game. I haven’t even played it as a party game yet which is it’s primary intention, but even playing solo I have to give it top marks. I imagine as a solo game it will eventually get old but I can see this being a must play game whenever friends are over.

Jan 27, 2018
This really is a great little game!
Party mode is great, You can have up to 4 people play a round each, taking turns, with points at the end based on how far you got down the race track. This lost half a star due to how easily it is to start the game accidentally when swapping the HMD. Its too easy to hit the horn and start by accident. The other half a star is due to some of the games literally being virtually impossible. excuse the pun. Maybe they arent, but some things happen too fast such as the “parry the cannon ball” to give you a chance without being lucky. So its annoying when you get those mini-games. But all in all, its a very good game to play with local friends.

Jul 18, 2017
Could be fun for a one time party but made us all far too motion sick to play it for any more than one or two attempts.

Jul 07, 2019
This is good for what it is but sadly it’s not much fun.

The fail on first try games and the short time limits are really frustrating (even if its intended to be). Especially when people are new to VR it will be rather anoying to already lose when you figured out what to do. The host has to say stuff like “it will be more fun the second round when you know what to do” but still there will be random new games then.

It would be perfect for a party if you just give more time or tries so everyone can enjoy. Missing a single cannonball is much less fun than hitting 1 out of 10. Watching someone fuck up for 60 seconds is 1000 times more fun than to see someone fail after 10 seconds without having done anything.

And for the score just make all play the same games and save the time / points etc and make a nice end-game-show reminding of each game and rewarding points to the players. gg

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