Visionarium-Sander Bos

Released Jan 2019 4.3★
Visionarium is a visionary music driven VR journey partly created in Tilt Brush. In this experience a visionary trance state is simulated. The VIVE controllers lets you paint beautiful and spectacular particle streams while your floating from one dimension to another in this immersive experience. Guided by a soundtrack from one of the best Psy Dub artists on the planet: Kalya Scintilla.
Hope you will enjoy this spectacular blissful ride!

Sander Bos
More information and art:

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Jan 11, 2020
Wery cool experience.

Oct 25, 2019
Put simply, this is the most amazing experience I have had in VR to date.
How this was achieved in Tiltbrush in a single lifetime is beyond me.
Turned me onto some new music too.
I would pay big money to have something like this as a full visualizer. The dev should meet up with the Dev of DMT (the visualzer app on Steam that is, not…although….)
Amazing stuff.

Mar 16, 2019
This is absolutely amazing! Just sit down and let these artists take you on a beautiful journey. This is why I love VR! Please make more!

Jun 19, 2019
Great VR experience visual with good music, I like the ideia, you can draw in space!

May 15, 2019
Be aware that this is not a real game, but a VR experience.
I would not pay for it, but for free as part of a subscription service it it ok for me.

Works with WMR. 😀

Mar 08, 2019
The game os different to what you see at the video. It is poor unconvinient and laggy visiualizer.

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