Want To Become A VR Developer? Try These VR Online Courses

Top Online Courses For Aspiring VR Developers

Are you interested in learning how to create virtual reality experiences but aren’t sure how to get started? The answer is to sign up for an online VR development course. So, how do you choose which ones are the best? Here, you’ll find some of the top recommended courses on the internet today, which can be the ideal starting point if you’re an aspiring VR developer. One of these options is sure to be perfect for your needs, helping you to achieve your goals and ambitions in the burgeoning VR marketplace!

The Complete VR Development Course

This course teaches students how they can create fun virtual reality games suitable for use on all of the main platforms, including Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and Oculus. You’ll learn about the basics of VR, Unity and C# and master all the foundations by building a number of practical projects. In order to access this course, you’ll require basic C# and Unity skills.

Build VR Games For Android and iPhone

If you already have some understanding about virtual reality and want to branch out into the world of VR development, you’ll find this online course helps you to how to build your own VR games for iPhones and Android platforms. The comprehensive guide will show you how you can quickly build then publish your own VR titles with the Unity engine.

The Unreal Engine Developer Course – Learn C++ & Make Games

The Unreal Engine software development company is known for producing tools designed for the needs of game creators. When you’re keen to learn how you can use C++ for developing games with this engine, you’ll find this course a great fit for your needs. With over 55 hours of video tutorials on demand, it’s a top choice for anyone wanting to learn the basics of C++.

Learn C# – For Beginners

If you’re a complete beginner to the world of VR game development, C# is a great choice for you. You can learn all about the coding basics and C# including functions, classes, and variables and how they should be used. If you’re ready to find out more about how you can apply C# to your programming, this course will help you achieve your goals.

Create VR Experiences Using Unreal Engine and C++

This course teaches you how to recreate VR games’ most frequently seen mechanisms like spatial UI, object interaction, and teleportation. It also helps you learn more about common VR challenges like motion sickness. You’ll learn how to construct amazing tools, games and more using VR. By the end of this course, you’ll have built your own Unreal C++ Game. You’ll need to have some understanding of C++ to access this course.

Unity 3D & The Oculus Rift

You’ll find this course a speedy guide which shows you how to create Oculus Rift games. You’ll find out different techniques that are vital for virtual reality development. You will also learn the essential steps for creating new Oculus apps in Unity. After progressing through this course, you’ll know how to begin Unity development using Oculus assets.

Building Interactive 3D Characters & Social VR

During this course, you’ll learn how to create the most realistic VR social interactions. You’ll discover more about social interaction psychologies as well as the key skills to practically implement this using Unity3D. This course takes you through all of the character animation 3D basics and teaches you the best ways of creating body language.

Learn Unity 3D For Beginners

The Unity3D multi-platform game engine is used to produce 3D and 2D video games. It’s also used to create interactive non-game visualisations and simulations. This course lasts for ten hours and teaches you how you can make 3D game titles by using Unity3D. You will, however, need to have a basic understanding of C+ to access this course.

Introduction To VR Using Unity

The Unity development platform is used for creating both 3D and 2D games. You can enable your game creations to reach a broad spectrum of users if you build them with Unity. When you sign up to this online course, you’ll learn how to use Unity in order to create virtual reality experiences which target devices as basic as the Android/iOS cardboard device. You don’t even need to have any prior programming experience to access the course material.

VR Nanodegree With Unity

You’ll find that this Nanodegree VR Developer programme offers students a complete course to develop their expertise and to prepare them for a career in game development. The programme is in-depth and takes students right from the very basics of VR development principles right up to the more advanced skills which are required to develop the most convincing virtual reality experiences.

Mobile VR App Development Using Unity

If you already have intermediate or advanced knowledge of Unity, you can access this course which helps you to learn how to develop VR applications designed for use on mobile platforms. As part of this course, you’ll find out how to develop, design, publish and troubleshoot mobile virtual reality applications using Unity for Gear VR, Oculus Go, and Google Daydream devices. To get maximum benefit from this course, it would help if you have some working knowledge of how to build apps for mobile devices before commencing your learning.

Build Virtual Reality Games For Google Cardboard Using Unity

This course teaches you how you can take a basic Unity game then turn it into a fully-functioning BR experience with Google Cardboard. Focusing on Android and Google Cardboard, this course teaches you how to create apps which work on that system.

Making Your 1st VR Game

The VR marketplace is becoming more popular and VR gaming allows consumers to try out the latest technology. If you want to become a VR developer, this course is perfect for you, taking you systematically through every step needed to create VR games and other projects. You will require some basic knowledge of VR to access this course.

Building Your First VR Experience With Unity

If you’re brand new to developing VR apps, this course will meet your needs. It includes your basic intro to Unity so developers can learn how to build new applications effectively and in the most straightforward manner.

3D Interaction Design In VR

In this course, you’ll learn about a key VR element – interacting with the VR world. You’ll learn the basic technologies and concepts of virtual reality interaction design.

VR Specialisation

In this course, you’ll be introduced to VR as well as key skills within this field. You’ll hear more from industry experts and lecturers who are leading the way. You’ll also learn how to use Unity for developing a VR environment of your own and finally, create a VR game of your own.

Nanodegree – Become A VR Developer

This nanodegree teaches students how they can master VR development’s latest technologies and tools. You’ll learn from experts in the industry such as HTC, Unity and Google and eventually become a VR developer. You’ll learn how you can define behaviours, create three-dimensional scenes and make VR experiences exciting, performant and comfortable on a variety of devices and platforms.

Introduction To VR

This course is completely free and is aimed at those who are brand new to VR but who are keen to learn more about its technology and principles such as stereopsis, displays, optics and tracking as well as the main hardware platforms. There’s no need to have any experience in programming to begin this course.

VR (Virtual Reality) App Development

This is a Professional Certificate programme which teaches students all they need to know about effective three dimensional interaction techniques which are essential when using VR applications. It also teaches you how you can write virtual reality applications in Unity 3D or WebVR, as well as about the different features which contribute to a VR application’s success. You’ll also learn all the requires maths to ensure a VR application’s success and about how you can render computer graphics onto the screen.

React VR – Creating VR Apps

The React VR framework is incredibly innovative and this course will help you to become a software engineer with the skills to build VR apps. You’ll learn all about virtual reality development using React VR, JavaScript, ES6, and React.js.

3DS Max & Unreal Engine 4 – Easy VR for Arch Viz

With this online course, you’ll learn all about how you can use the free Unreal Engine to turn your 3D Projects to a realtime/VR project. Designed to suit those students who are keen to progress with their 3D projects, you’ll find this course very helpful if you want to know more about VR and realtime animations.

Become A VR Developer Using Unity 3D

In this course, you’ll find out more about creating impressive VR experiences designed for the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive. Unity and other 3D engines are key to the virtual reality economy and this course teaches you how you can make VR games of your own using this platform.

Master’s in virtual reality and smart technologies

The study programme provides extensive knowledge about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technologies, their usage and role in innovation.
A vital part of the programme is the opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience whilst working on live projects alongside various tech businesses, start-ups and industry professionals to solve current problems and create new solutions.
Participating in the annual AR/VR Hackathon is an integral part of the Master’s study programme in Virtual Reality and Smart Technologies at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

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