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Released Oct 2016
“VR experience shop against the chess” simulation of Chinese chess multiplayer online VR game, designed for the VR experience shop and the development of two people and more people playing instant PK game, suitable for the real-time experience Demand, support multi-person voice chat, role interaction, VR social attributes,etc. Subsequent versions will support chess situation aftere unrest, as well as custom role images, role expressions and actions. At the same time we are under the VR experience shop promotion in the game scene provides a billboard to help experience the shop to promote ( VR experience store owner can join QQ group: 14363918 and send your advertising pictures to the group master).
The game is divided into “random” and “friends” two modes. “Random” is a good choice for you to know strangers. In the “friends” you can enter a password, the main input password is consistent, you can in the same room and play chess, through pressing trigger to pick up the chess and drop where you want, and the reality is no different, all Rules are determined by both sides of the game and the decision, we just provide a virtual social environment, the other rules players can free to discuss.
In game, we found that many players to throw the pieces to each other, perhaps in the virtual world you can receive the “horse” which i threw out. ★ Note: This game is a war game, you need to have another person online to play with you, so sometimes you should wait a moment. It is recommended to go to the VR experience shop with your friends to play.
QQ group of the chess game of VR experience shop : 14363918 WeChat: diywebapp

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