VR Frog Dissection: Ribbit-ing Discoveries-VictoryVR

Released Feb 2019 4.7★
Join Wendy Martin, a national award-winning science teacher, to make Ribbit-ing Discoveries in this virtual reality Frog Dissection. Learn the fundamentals of the female frog anatomy in a fully immersive virtual reality experience.

Learning can take place anytime, anywhere: VictoryVR’s virtual reality frog dissection software is a hands-on dissection opportunity that users can experience through the power of virtual reality. This true to life experience covers each step that a student would take if they were dissecting a real frog in their classroom. Along the way, a hologram of our teacher – national runner-up Teacher of the Year, Wendy Martin – will pop up to provide instruction and information to users.

An Authentic Science Experience Aligned to National Learning Standards: All of the instruction follows the Next Generations Science Standards (NGSS), the national science standards for the United States. The dissection experience is recreated to the finest detail so that they are a suitable substitute for the real thing in a classroom. Lifelike physical models mean that the frog appears as it would in a real dissection allowing science teachers to feel good about substituting virtual reality for the real thing.

Schools can save on the expensive annual costs of animal acquisition without causing harm to a single creature by using dissections in virtual reality. Over a 5 year period, a single classroom will spend over $4000 just to dissect frogs. Furthermore, these dissections can only take place once a year and cannot be “redone” if a student makes a mistake.

Dissections in VR are a safe alternative. As teachers and parents know, dissections can present a risk to student safety due to: risk of being cut by a scalpel, risk of infection, and exposure to formaldehyde – which can damage the eyes, cause asthma attacks, and bronchitis.

User Reviews

Jul 04, 2019
Fascinating. More of this please. Pehaps utilising the valve index controllers for hand mapping.

Aug 20, 2019
The instructor video didnt play, she was represented by a white panel but the audio played just fine. Still a solid 5 stars! I got this for my grandson and played it first. This brought back lots of fond memories of disecting frogs and earth worms in school. The educational value of this title is very high! The instruction, tools and models are all very well done! I especially liked the background music as an added environmental plus. The one thing I would recommend is that when removing the organs to only allow the correct organ to be removed. Which brings to mind a game mode where organs could be removed and placed in the appropriately named container for points? There are many possibilities for this title and I am very happy to see this genre in the VR community. We need more educational titles and by the quality of this one, I am excited to see what VictoryVR does next!

Apr 04, 2019
Literally awesome !! hpoe to add subtitles

Mar 28, 2019
I want to go to school again! This is a great lesson in simulation. Excellent displays of information in several layers, in 2D and 3D, all well organized in an immersive environment, ready-made for elaborated interactions. Frog ragdoll is pretty physical, but turns into a stiff model for dissection. I liked the experience, but I wonder if I learned more about the subject or about the virtual classroom. In any case, this is a very interesting learning platform. In a MOOC, we could then throw paper planes again – all around the globe…

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