VR game《light years》-Demo-重庆咔叽马科技有限公司

Released Feb 2017 3.0★
“Light years” by the Chinese city of Chongqing KJM Technology Co., Ltd., an independent research and development of a game produced.
“Light years” refers to HTC VIVE, the host computer, as the main hardware based VR game. The new Unreal 4 engine platform production, gives a real immersive experience into the sense. Style, realistic, rich skills, simple operation, easy to get started, suitable for all ages to play.

2032 in space, the human space station, by unknown alien biological attacks. Then there seems to be more terrible things will follow. In order to avoid more damage to life on Earth, human sent code-named K-16 robot to the space station to detect damage and survivors. Players play an ordinary space station survivors, after a series of training to become a super-fighter, will defend the Earth’s space station to contribute their part of a force.

Recommended hardware configuration: CPU: i5 or above, memory: 8G or more, graphics card: GTX960 or above

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Aug 27, 2018
Very pretty…

Jun 09, 2018

buggy and broken

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