The First MUST-HAVE VR Games of 2022

VR is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and it’s not hard to see why. With its immersive and interactive experience, it’s no wonder that people are already calling VR the future of gaming. So what will be the first MUST-HAVE VR game of 2022? We take a look at some of the contenders!

Games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in our society today. VR games have been around for years, but they’ve only just started to gain popularity over recent months. VR has quickly become a staple among gamers and is being used more frequently by major game developers like Valve Corporation (who created Half-Life VR). VR also allows players to get immersed into their favorite games like never before with virtual reality goggles or headsets that put them right inside the action! This post will go through some VR games that might be considered “must haves” if you’re looking at getting your first headset soon…

Wanderer – A VR story driven time travel adventure game

Many gamers were waiting for this game and followed the news of its development. It’s no wonder, because from trailers it became clear that M-Theory & Oddboy took a swing at making an AAA title judging by quality graphics in pictures as well as their work on other games such like Half Life 3 where they added puzzles into some parts ( moments ). But what is really happening? Well… Some expected action with elements from puzzle solving video games such has those released recently – especially since there seems to be something related about these two companies including Alix Wil ton Regan who does the voiceover for Wanderer VR.

This game is just the same on both sides – a purebred adventure quest, with some sprinkling of action. But whether this may be bad will soon become clear in our review! So for Asher Neumann who has to go through time and space in order stop modern history from collapsing, we found out where he needed to start: finding his grandfather’s lost room within it there’ll exist an important object which allows you travel through eras by using mysterious artifacts.

The key to moving through time is a clock. In order for you to progress in the game, one of these artifacts must be brought back from whatever world it belongs and placed on top of your own device; this will allow us transport into another era or location depending which item has been chosen at random when starting out new gameplay sessions!

There are many different places that can potentially await our arrival – such as rock concerts by bandmembers Electric Six (in both their past albums), space missions lasting decades long ago across Earths solar system including trips aboard historic rocket ships like Apollo 11 shining light onto faraway stars

If you’re looking for a VR game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, Wanderer is definitely one to watch!

Ultra wings 2

Ultra wings 2 is the biggest release of February. It’s a complete continuation from arcades about flying in virtual reality, and you can control several new planes to take on missions with your friends or against AI-driven opponents that may be swears any time! The first version came out last week for Quest headsets – just wait until this month when they’re ready again at their own pace thanks maybe later than before?

This VR game can be seen as a arcade dog-fighting multiplayer title that’s set in the gorgeous skies over various locations on our planet. You’re able to join in with other players and take part in battles against each other, or team up together to complete objectives and earn rewards. There are also plenty of planes to choose from.

Les Mills Bodycombat – Quest 2

Les Mills, the developer of OhShape and Chess Club returns with a new virtual fitness experience. Unlike other games in this category which focus on martial arts training or yoga as well-rounded activities for all levels; LesMills will provide boxers maneuvering targets to dodge obstacles while listening out against their instructor’s sound track (and depending upon what level they’re doing) that includes 30 different plans catering towards beginners right up until advanced users who want more challenging workouts at any given time – there are even 5 locations available within 4 countries so you never have an excuse not get your sweat on!

Reviews for this VR game have been mixed so far, but it’s generally accepted that the Quest is great hardware for fitness experiences. If you’re looking to get fit in a fun and social way, Les Mills Bodycombat – Quest could be the VR game for you!

Grid Leaper — PC VR

With Grid Leaper, you can feel the intense atmosphere of an immersive VR platformer. Jumps across 90 different levels are waiting for players who have been challenged with their own mastery of physics-defying challenges in this new world!

This VR game is inspired by classics such as Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and Sonic Adventure. You play as an alien who has to use their agility and quick reflexes to navigate through a series of levels that are filled with obstacles and enemies. There’s also a leaderboard system so you can compete against your friends.