VR Paper Star-North Breeze Entertainment Ltd

Released Jan 2019 1.7★
Set slightly into the future, many things have changed but the good old newspaper hasn’t. In a fictional town called West Ville, players jump aboard a futuristic hoverboard and deliver newspapers to as many customers as possible. A fast paced game where players must navigate their way through the streets, avoiding many obstacles as they progress whilst meeting the required points score. Quick-wittedness is required especially when navigating traffic, animals, characters and other obstacles within the game.

Budding Paperboys and Papergirls can now fully test their throwing and newspaper delivery skills over 21 levels using the games’ highly advanced simulated physics. Challenge yourself further with ‘Spin Mode’ or for those wanting to flex their muscles, ‘Fitness mode’.

Rack up the points and you too can become a VRPaperStar!

• Arcade newspaper throwing madness
• Super accurate physical throwing mechanic with VR controllers
• 360 degree fully immersive VR experience
• 21 levels in an epic town setting
• AI Lawnmowers, Self driving cars, Star coins, Mollie the cat and a huge cast of characters
• Specialised VR score HUD for better immersion
• Fitness Mode & Spin Mode
• Featuring original music
• Physical & mental challenge
• Real-time lighting and shadows

User Reviews

Jul 12, 2019
Fun for 10 minutes or so, and great visuals.

Mar 12, 2019
I had the setting for more realistic and I unfortunately didn’t try with that turned option turned off, but it was pretty hard to throw the newspapers. My arms were definitely feeling it after a while. It reminded me of Paper Route and was overall fun,

Feb 10, 2019
Sorry for only 2 stars but the gameplay wasn’t very exciting and your arm gets tired really fast. Maybe other people will enjoy it more than I did.

Apr 07, 2019

viveport says it oculus compatible yet its asks to connect vive and restart

Aug 05, 2019

Very simplistic game. Does work on the Index. Game gets boring very fast. Cost hell of lot of green for something very simplistic.

Made it into my worst Steam VR games ep3

Jun 25, 2019

Does not support Rift,
when you load it asks your to connect Vive and restart,
looks like a cool game, shame it does not work on rift

May 10, 2019

I tried playing this on an Odyssey+ so I understand that as an unsupported HMD certain control aspects, namely throwing, may not work properly. However when a game like Shooty Fruity (that also does not show support for WMR) absolutely nails throwing I have to scratch my head.

Aside from throwing, which I somewhat adjusted to, the game just isn’t fun. I think back to Paperboy and how simple yet fun that game was years ago. This I assume is supposed to mimic that classic but not being able to control your speed and having the ability to physically dodge cars, yet still hitting them (you have to thow a paper to stop them) begs the question of why it’s even a room scale game to begin with. The should be able to instantly grab papers from each hand not trigger the opposing hand and then again to grab a paper. This needs work to be recommendable at even $10.

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