Released Mar 2018
Important note: Be sure to read this information before starting the game.
Connect the device steps:
The first step: connect the tracker
Step 2: Connect two handles again, one of the handles appears blue
Step 3: Turn off the tracker
Step 4: Restart the tracker

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China Virtual Mirror Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., to product as the core concept, for the majority of VR enthusiasts to provide professionals with different product experience.
This “Football Superstar” classic game, purely using HTC-VIVE tracker operation, automatic completion of the entire process, automatically convert scenes, experience the fun of playing football in different scenarios.
Let you come in close contact with the animal world, play football with the astronauts on the moon, compete with the Panda, and enjoy the entertainment and leisure product experience.
1. Suitable for everyone to download entertainment leisure
2. Support Chinese and English switching
3. Support HTC-VIVE tracker
4. When playing football, there is a superb feeling among beautiful scenes

Shortcuts list:
Tracker kicks and kicks the right red box
Function list:
Note: The football is generated in the scene after 5 seconds
1. Wear the tracker on your right foot to play the game
2. There is a red box next to the character, kick the box to
show the rules of the game,game description
3. Kicking athletes have different fun actions
4. Two display cards next to the goal,left:show timing score,right:statistics total score,clearance,failure
5. The game has 7 levels,automatic play
6. Support Chinese and English switching
7. Play the replay button on the box after the game is over

Please read the Game Description carefully!

Enjoy playing football fun!

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