Released Sep 2018
Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, Virtual Mirror Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., with product as the core concept, provides a different product experience for the majority of VR enthusiast professionals.

There is no escape game, telling a warrior time and space to cross the zombie towns, palaces, basement, save the world, the world of life. It will be one of the most classic games, giving you the most immersive experience and the thrill of fighting.

Game Instructions:
“Level”: 5 off, selective adjustment, flexible. They are: 1. Hell Angel; 2. Death Abyss, 3. Palace Wills, 4. Atlanta Temple, 5. Novices Release.
“Weapons”: mainly bows and arrows. Operation: Grab the arrow on both sides of the right hand handle, and you can use the upper arm to release the arrow.
The story of the game is ups and downs.
Novice release
This level is purely recreational;

Death abyss
Once the dragon’s nest was ruthlessly trampled by the demon army, it was caught in an abyss of death. There will be magic books in this land, and the energy is huge. The constant army of monsters is still coming. They are bringing them into the pool of blood. The warriors pick up the weapons in their hands, embark on the journey, and use the head of the demon leader. Sacrifice the prosperity of the dragons of the past.

Palace remains
Enjoy the fun of killing monsters in the retro-styled palace complex, use bows and arrows and your flexible position, avoid monster attacks and kill monsters, challenge layer levels in a limited time, try your limits.

Temple of Atlantis
Legend has it that countless treasures are sleeping here. There are always people who break in but no one or come back. There is no one to dare to live in this area. According to legend, there are countless undead wandering here at night, but they can always hear the mourning of the victims… The depths of this ruins What kind of secret is hidden? Desperate, do you dare to challenge?

At this time, a hard battle is waiting for us, the warriors let us save the world together! to be continued……

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