Released Apr 2018 2.0★
Warning: This VR title contains a rollercoaster ride and the high-speed twists and turns of the ride will likely induce nausea even in experienced VR users.

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China Virtual Mirror Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., to product as the core concept, for the majority of VR enthusiasts to provide professionals with different product experience.

The Space Roller Coaster game brings you different exciting experiences and a roller coaster ride in space.

It is said that when humans moved into space, the space was super silent and it was not long before a meteoric disaster came.There was such a special roller coaster somewhere in space. She had her own life and she was suffering from the constant invasion of space rocks.In this critical moment, a justice warrior is needed to protect her.Say you’re the righteous warrior, come on, let’s fight! ! !Combat a meteoric disaster with the meteorite disaster! ! ! I wish you all play enough to stimulate enough fun!

*Target*: Protecting a space roller coaster from harm

* Guns *: 5 different space guns can be switched freely (use the left controller to direct the white rays to the gun switch), guns strong sense of reality.

*Speed*: Roller speed increases every time

*Strips*: Shows the life and percentage of roller coasters (starts at 50,000 points, increases by 10,000 points per level) and shows how many health values are left

*Injury*: Meteorite attack damage, hit the blood reduction box (red figure) to reduce the value of life, after the blood reduction body has a shiny red aperture around you, and shows the blood loss value, especially colorful

*Add blood*: Hit the blood box to increase the health value. After the blood is added, there is a shiny green aperture around you. It shows the added blood value. More prominent

*Levels*: Unlimited play, how long to play, how long to play, and how to play

At this time, a hard battle is waiting for us, and the Warriors let us counter the meteoric disaster! to be continued……

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Apr 23, 2018
cannot get it to start—-what am I doing wrong. I’m shooting at start?????

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