VRemedies – MRI Procedure Experience-Staples Productions

Released May 2018 5.0★
VRemedies is a patient preparation Virtual Reality set of experiences that are designed to introduce patients to procedures before they experience the real world environment. The experience is designed to allow children and their families to feel more comfortable with the treatments they are about to receive, we do this by taking them through the experience virtually.

Requires another person to supervise and respond to keyboard prompts.

Photogrammetry (photo – realistic) procedure rooms

Using a team of game developers and cinematographers re-created a MRI procedure room.

Guided walk through of procedures.

We worked with direct access and feedback from hospitals, clinicians and play therapists to create a guided walk through of the MRI procedure.

Friendly Characters

Robot hospital staff to walk the children through the experience.

Environmental Interactivity

Interact with the rooms and discover how the machines sound and how they work in a safe “non scary” environment.

Exposure Therapy

The rooms are currently being user tested as a method of Exposure therapy, desensitising people to the procedures and rooms and as a result lowering the amount of children needing sedation for these non evasive procedures.

User Reviews

Oct 09, 2019
“Don’t you play with glitter in the mornig!”

Considering it is made for young children, I find this well done, as it sticks very close to the actual procedure.

As an adult, I always “hoped” for the narrator to fall out of their role, “Damn it Timmy I told you four times already, that this is a fire fighter! Please, click the picture in the middle, so we can proceed!” would have been fun 🙂

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