VROOM: Aerie-VROOM.space

Released May 2016 3.3★
Immerse yourself in a spectacular luxury apartment full of magic for you to explore!

Created for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR-headsets, this is an entirely new interactive environment unlike anything you’ve encountered before.

What wonders await you:
– Soak-in the atmosphere of an aesthetically-beautiful environment that you’ll never want to leave!
– Experience “magical realism” with impossible animated events that you’ll not soon forget!
– Sit down and relax while enjoying videos on your massive flatscreen TV!
– Pilot a miniature attack-helicopter or Sopwith Camel over tables and chairs!
– Change furniture colors, artwork, and plants to your taste!
– Listen to wonderful old-time music and radio dramas on your antique radio!
– Explore a tropical aquarium in your own minisub!
– Toggle between night and day with a single click!
– Race your toy car down the hall and through chair legs!
– 55 interactable objects in all!

User Reviews

Sep 19, 2018
kind of neat, got a little sick flying around

Jul 12, 2019
Looks nice, but there’s nothing remotely interesting going on here.

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