Warzone-Sinn Studio Inc.

Released Aug 2019 1.9★
Warzone VR is a cross-platform multiplayer virtual reality shooter. Group up with other players and enter a battlefield where real players take part in a massive struggle for dominance. With dedicated servers to support a smooth and competitive experience, Warzone VR was developed from the ground up with cross-platform in mind.


– Progression System
– Character Customization
– In-game Shop & Load-Out Customization
– Positional, Team and Open VOIP options (server global)
– Interactive Squad Vehicles
– Competitive Play
– Roadmap / Currently in Development: https://trello.com/sinnstudio

User Reviews

Dec 27, 2019
NO ONE ONLINE poor game qualitity a six year old could probs do better

Sep 15, 2019

No single player and no players to play with online. You can set up a server with bots, but cant start without a real person. So why have bots anyway? These multiplayer ONLY games always suffer from the same problem, NO PLAYER BASE, which makes them useless! And doubly useless for players who dont like playing with people anyway. Looks like it might actually be a decent game but you cant play it.

Jan 18, 2020

IT will not let me sign in it says all usernames are already taken please help

Sep 09, 2019


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