Weather god-PangPeng

Released Mar 2019 1.0★
Let’s become the god of the weather
Manage the weather in four villages to manage food / population
You are a good god, a bad god

Main Screen.
First. You can casting that if you trigger action.
Second. See your left side and casting Sun mark in your right arm.
Third. If you get Sun item, THROW YOUR ITEM TO FIRE BOWL.
Fourth. You shot Thunder Item
Fifth. Casting to last fire bowl. Then load play screen and can play this!
Play Screen
First. If some town appear Sun weather, you should throw Cloud Item!
Second. If some town appear Cloud or Rain or Snow weather, you should throw Sun Item!
Third. If some town appear Fire, you should shot Water Item!
Fourth. If some town appear Chief, you should shot Thunder Item!
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Apr 15, 2019

Nothing about this application works. the controlls are extremely finnicky, and on top of that, you have to figure them out yourself. there is no instruction, only the lightning bolts have animation, but they dont do anything. nothing makes sense, the graphics are poor, your hand are massive and dont line up, I could go on for ages. Save yourself the time and avoid this completely. Its a free game that I feel I shouldve been paid to endure the awful 10 minutes it took me to tell myself that I didnt have to go through that. the developer should have his computer and unity license revoked and repossessed and he should be sent somewhere he can learn to properly make a functional experience, starting with the application “scratch”.

May 14, 2019

Controls are unlisted. I spent 20 minutes figuring out how to use only 4 controls, and failed…. Nothing much made sense in this game, but in it’s defense it’s free. Fit and finish feels more like a school project.

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