Western Hunter-上海智帝数字科技有限公司

Released Apr 2017
Have you ever dreamed of a western life? Have you ever imagined being a hunter, aim for the kill? Now you have the chance! The Western Hunter is a immersive fast-paced first person shooting VR game only for HTC Vive. With in the game, you are able to hunt down different animals in the western wilds. but be careful, not all of them are vulnerable, don’t make the hunter become hunted!

– Realistic hunting experience, no UI while hunting, just like in real life.(You’ll have to count your bullets.)
– Different animals from rabbits to tigers, from easy to crazy.
– A hound will fight by your side, the best friend of mankind will fetch you your prey.
– Two difficulties, you don’t have to be a master to hunt, but you will be a master hunter after.

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