Where Thoughts Go: Prologue-Thought Co.

Released Nov 2018 4.6★
Discover the dreams, fears and secrets of others—and leave your own for others to find.

In this award-winning social experience, human thoughts exist as sleeping creatures that can be awakened to reveal voice-recorded stories of other participants who were here before you. These anonymous stories are revealing and inspiring, encouraging reflection and introspection. To progress, you must leave your own stories behind for others to uncover

Visually beautiful and wholly transformative, Where Thoughts Go thematically explores the course of a lifetime through five simple questions written to dig deep. The voice recordings you hear are unique and unidentifiable, left by individuals from every walk of life, every age and every background. Participants have no way to discern who they are hearing from, only how considerate and sensitive each and every person is.

User Reviews

Dec 24, 2018
WARNING: Will not run on Oculus in Steam VR with this game. Real shame considering how much I wanted to play this.
UPDATE: Developer was able to reach out and let me try it on the Oculus store. Beautiful game! As of v1.0 it doesn’t work for the Rift, but hopefully the dev resolves the compatibility issue.

Nov 11, 2018
10/10 makes me cry every time

Apr 27, 2019
Oh my god. Oh My God. This game is mind blowing, and it just makes you realize your not alone. It’s hard to explain I cried twice, you will enjoy it just play it, I feel it’s an experience everyone should recieve. Thank you Dev, for that mindset you just gave me for about half an hour. This game its beautiful.

Apr 03, 2019
Great exprience. I felt something especially in every sounds.
And exploring time, chapters, is just perfect.

But, unfortunately, English is not my native language.
Concept is very beautiful, and I would like to hear voices in all over the world.
This expricence would be more amazing, if only interfaces were localized.

Nov 21, 2018
The game is a very unique experience in VR. It’s short, but really interesting to hear what other people thought of the questions. I played it with my wife and we both enjoyed the experience a lot.

Had a few issues getting it working, but contacted the developer and Lucas was incredibly helpful.

Nov 30, 2019
Though Im not able to play it, I have giving it a 5 star only cause a friend that does have it for his Vive headset let me try it, and all i have is Oculus,

However it does not work in Viveport for the oculus.

You are placed so far under the floor that when you stand you may as well be falling cause you will be so dizzy in the matter of a moment. unable to reset view, it is showing that my sound is working but im not able to do anything other then look at the starting area and thats its.

so as it stands will be uninstalling, hope will be able to try it again sometime down the road with a headset that works for it.

best of luck to the dev team ^.^

May 03, 2019
This game connected me with emotions I have not been able to feel in years. It made me feel connected with so many in a way that nothing I have experienced ever has. Hearing people from so many walks of life, who have all faced loss, regret, heartbreak and to experience their emotions that make us most human through each individual voice. To make somebody face their own mortality whilst listening to others do the same. If on my death bed I only remember one game, one experience, one emotion please let it be this game and what it made me feel. Please give us more games like this. Everybody involved in this both through development and inside, know you have forever touched my life and improved it. If anyone ever hears about the 14 year old boy in Ch 3, that was me in 2014. And yes those pauses are me balling my little blue eyes out, that is how much this game made me feel after so long.

Jul 11, 2019
This is really interesting and life-affirming.

What a great idea.

May 08, 2019
The most compelling VR experience I have tried. Great so see such meaningful, emotional content with the addition of beautiful visuals and sound design.

A true piece of art!

Jul 02, 2019

Really boring. Majority seemed to be females. Nice idea but doesn’t really need to be VR. Meditation types may like it though.

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