Wraith-Sinn Studio Inc.

Released Nov 2017 3.5★
Fight the Wraith as you struggle to survive in various environments using a real-time marketplace and currency system that allows you to purchase weapons, add-ons, ammunition, recharge your flashlight battery and more. You can select from various maps that range from night maps, day-time maps, a snow/blizzard map and more. All of our maps feature a dynamic lighting system that will challenge you by darkening the experience over time as the Wraith become stronger and the sun sets on the horizon.

Experience increasing difficulty as different types of Wraith begin to appear over time; watch as they crawl out of the ground to kill you with an overall increase in health as the game progresses. Test yourself or your friends in the ultimate survival experience developed by one person for all.

How long will you last?

User Reviews

Nov 20, 2017
Love the reapers idea, Fast upgrades for weapons makes it fun and u get to try all weapons. Wave shooter but the dynamic lighting makes it more difficult. Creepy and atmospheric, 4 maps only slightly the same. short game play only a wave shooter. No leader boards.
I enjoyed the game even thou it was short add leader boards please.

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