Wrath of Loki VR Adventure-The House of Fables

Released Dec 2018
Welcome to Asgaard, a mythical land where Norse gods dwell. Dive into a fantasy world inspired by Scandinavian legends. Play as the mighty Thor – God of Thunder, face the raging Loki, and help to stop Ragnarok – the mythical end of days.

Wrath of Loki will allow you to enter a fantasy world, gather magical artifacts, and solve puzzles that epitomize the genre. Beautiful hand-drawn locations, stirring music, and a fantastic story will make you feel like you’re a part of the legend.

Chaos reigns in Asgaard. Thor’s Hammer – the key to your power, is lost, Heimdall’s Horn is missing, and the evil Loki plans to use the opportunity to bring Ragnarok to the world. Your father, the mighty Odin, sends you on a quest to find your hammer, to return the horn to Heimdall and stop Loki from destroying the world.

Step into the shoes of Thor – God of Thunder, and dive into a world of Scandinavian myths, gods and artifacts. Bring peace to Asgaard and show Loki his rightful place. In the end nothing can stop you and your hammer!

Core features:
• Beautiful hand-drawn locations.
• Stirring soundtrack.
• A mythical world of Norse gods to explore.
• Voice acting by the world-famous Michael McConnohie.
• Play as the mighty Thor – God of Thunder!

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