Wrath Of The Fire God-Gamaya Inc

Released Oct 2016
Wrath of the Fire God is a Vive VR rail shooter. Our goal is to make an immersive VR game that doesn’t require teleporting or movement with a joy stick. You are on a moving platform which takes you slowly through the Fire God’s realm. The Fire God’s guards are trying to stop you from retrieving the 4 magical gems stolen from your village. Unleash your arrows on the enemies and recover the lost gems!


Highly immersive VR experience. No need for teleporting or joystick to move through the level.

Barrage of enemies. Get the highest rank by killing the most enemies!

Compete on leader boards by getting the highest score. Collect all the treasure while killing the enemies.

Use special arrows (ice, fire, poison, lightning, etc.) to kill multiple enemies with one shot.

4 levels with 4 relentless bosses.

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