ZED-Cyan, Inc.

Released Jun 2019 3.0★
ZED is the story of an aging artist, lost in regret and the haze of dementia. Inside the dreamscape of this creative mind come undone, players reassemble the artist’s fragmented memories into a final, lasting legacy: a loving gift to his granddaughter.

Making its debut on PC (with optional VR support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), ZED is a surreal trip, with an unexpected narrative that unfolds across fanciful, fractured lands. Spanning regret, reconciliation and redemption, it’s a bittersweet story that’s both deeply personal, and undeniably universal.

Released in partnership with Cyan Ventures, the new publishing arm from the creators of the legendary games Myst and Riven, ZED is the vision of Chuck Carter, part of the team behind the original Myst. Co-written by Joe Fielder (Bioshock Infinite, The Flame and the Flood) and David Chen (Metal Gear Solid series, Narcosis), the game also features a riveting performance from veteran video-game voice actor Stephen Russell (the Thief and Fallout series).

User Reviews

Jun 05, 2019
This is Very much like stepping into a World created by Salvador Dali and MC Escher. This is very wild. Puzzles are fun and the story line is excellent. I love this type of Adventure. I give it a Super Nova of Stars.

Jan 02, 2020
Gorgeous and somber story. Really touching and so real that it made me wonder if this was based off a true story. It’s a casual collect pieces and solve a simple 3×3 picture puzzle of a picture that is in the room/area you are already exploring type experience. The only issue I have with it is that Oculus is supported, but with Vive controller style inputs. So, on Vive wands where you would click the touchpad in one of four directions, you have to click the thumbstick on the Touch to perform the same function. For instance, click down while pushing right or left to rotate or while pushing down to open the collection book.Think it would be even better if you had some other input options and locomotion. Other than that, I loved the artistic feel and how it unfolded the story.

Jun 21, 2019
Usually VR games look very pixellated. This is visually the most sharpest VR game I’ve tried.
The visuals are beautiful and look as if I’m watching it on a monitor.
The storyline is gripping. Although I was confused initially, after I got the hang of it, it was fun to play.

The controls are wierd. On Oculus, I had to press the toggle stick down to get the inventory to show up or to turn.

But apart from that the game itself is beautiful.

Jun 15, 2019
I like it. It only can be better if translated. Not everybody knows english.

Jan 10, 2020
Didn’t like that it have only teleportation & voice acting is very low.

Jun 09, 2019
I am having same problem with the ability to move stops after the first narrative is over. Disapointing.
I was so excited to play this game, but for now, its going into the.. “another frustrating VR experience pile…….”

Jun 09, 2019
Cannot change any settings, game crashes immediately!

Jun 09, 2019
This game is Bugged or has horrible description of what you are supposed to do, since you cant move and the game stops after the intro.

Jun 24, 2019
I might play this again in the future, but for now this game is borderline-unplayable. For one, there is a complete lack of graphical options outside of audio, which is disappointing since my graphics card is middle-of-the-road (1060) and I prefer to turn some aspects up while turning other aspects down. The locomotion hand keeps switching as well, and the blinking is erratic. I am not sure if this is an artistic choice or not. Somehow ended up outside of a black and white house area which isn’t supposed to happen. Needs a lot of work.

Jul 10, 2019

Who is the genius that makes you choose standard or VR mode while booting the game from Viveport menu? I mean, isn’t it obvious which mode I want to play? But then, i have ton of issues to choose VR mode, I go to desktop mode within SteamVR but for some reason the pointer only moves a few inches surrounding the standard mode, and no matter what I do, I can’t choose VR mode, not even using my mouse on desktop, and no keyboard keys work here either.

I mean, why create a VR mode directly that doesn’t boot from either steamvr or VIveport? Why put so much effort in creating a VR mode, and such a terrible start menu. As it is, aI can’t even start the game, so 1 star for me.

Jun 12, 2019

Thought that this looked quite good, but the locomotion/teleportation controls are terrible. 90% of the time they don’t work. Very frustrating.

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