Zombie Grenades Practice-ARVI lab

Released May 2018 3.0★
Get ready, the world won’t save itself.

Zombie Grenades Practice VR is an unusual mix of action and puzzle. Imagine that there are many zombies around you, but this time, you do not have a usual shotgun, a katana or at least a chainsaw. However, you have different grenades: frag, contact, bouncing (our favorite), radio, UV grenades, and others.

The fewer grenades you use for completing the level, the more points you score.

A rational choice of grenades and a precise throw are the key to solving tactical tasks on fifteen levels of the most beautiful post-apocalyptic fray you’ve ever seen.

Key Features
* Single-player adventure mode
* High-quality graphics
* A high level of immersion
* Stats and achievements are available
* Game is easy to play but hard to master
* Requires different tactics to complete each level
* Great variety of locations, each location has own features and goals
* Wide choice of grenade types with different mechanics
* A realistic handling of weapons: with the help of motion controllers in virtual reality, use different types of grenades, performing realistic movements
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Jun 02, 2019
This a well produced game, visually looks impressive in VR and the physics work well. And there’s more than what first meets the eye, as you progress it turns into posing puzzles as you try to work out the best way to your your resources to dispach the zombies while trying not to kill the good guys.

Jul 11, 2019
Enjoyable game let down by a lame final boss. Index controllers not mapped well, but other than that I recommend this.

Jun 10, 2018
C est plutot joli et l interface est bonne. Par contre, je me suis vite trouvé limité pour lancer des grenades a certaines distances. imaginer que vous devez lancer une grenade avec la meme force que pour lancer une balle de tennis à 100m dans la vraie vie. Voilà où ca ne va pas pour moi. Trouver une solution pour les longues distances !

May 16, 2018

Total Garbage – First VR-Game for me that constantly crashes , i had to start the game 10 times to just play the first mission. Wasted my free-monthly game slot for this glitchfest.

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