Zombie Hobby VR-Pointlight Games

Released Aug 2017 3.7★
Zombie Hobby is an atmospheric action VR shooter where your weapons – the most affordable objects from your daily life. Train to be a marksman and kill as many zombie-aliens as you can, or die trying.

Imagine you’re having a good time. You’re on a picnic, or play billiards with your best friend, or maybe prepare for pool party – cold beer, hot water – amazing, right?

It was. Until your home town has been invaded by the most creepy aliens. They took control over your friends. And the worst thing – you can’t help them. You can only fight and win this battle!

Zombie Hobby is the best playable way for you to train your skills, to be prepared for zombie invasion. Wherever you happen to be while it’s coming. Guitar, billiard balls, golden bars – everything is a weapon if you know how to use it. Become a champion and kill as many low-poly zombies as you can!

Yes-yes! It’s been days and you’re a pro-zombie-killer. You can kill the zombie and hit a home run with just one hit! If you are – well we have a way for you. Try our night mode. Turn off the light and try to kill at least one zombie with just the light of your little flashlight. If you see it – you can kill it.

Be prepared and stay in shape – you never know when the Day comes.

User Reviews

Aug 22, 2017
Beautiful minimalist art direction. Challenging, addictive gameplay.

Jun 30, 2019
well made enjoyed it!

Feb 10, 2018
Good fun.
Not too in depth. but the concept is simple. throw nearby things at zombies with out moving. I feel there could be more.
Overall, gameplay runs smoothly and has an easy to understand concept.
The graphics are nice.
The depth is very limited. 10-20 minutes tops. I dont see it going any further. I could see getting this game under 5 bucks just to blow a half hour. I wont be coming back to it after two plays though.

Jan 30, 2018
The game was well made, but content gets boring. all the maps are just slightly different. the clock to slow down time is nice but too one dimensional

Jul 05, 2019
The production quality is good, but as others have commented, it’s quite basic and interest wears thing after a short while.

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