Released Jan 2018 3.4★
As zombie crisis broke out around the world,you will play one of the warrior of S.E.A.T(Special Event Action Team)to fight against the zombies all over the world.ZomDay is a fast pace VR shooting game contains multi-player mod,exciting Boss fight,character perk and hardcore weapon system.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

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May 14, 2018
Jeux vraiment bien, je suis accro.
Le gameplay est simple mais je vous conseille de faire le didacticiel car il faut prendre le pas, les commandes sont nombreuses : prendre, lacher, recharger(plusieurs types), les perks, les recherches bio, les amélioration d’armes, niveau d’arme…
Après c’est intuitif on s’y fait très vite.

Les + : 6 Vagues souvent un boss, difficultés élevé après la carte n°: 3
Les – : Pas de joueur en multi (pas de serveur référencé en france il semblerait)
Pas de langue Française.

Je joue avec une carte GTX1060, pas de problème ça tourne.
astuce: Pensez au fusil sniper dans le dos. Nb: lag parfois quand on le prends… (when we take rifle, lag happen.)

May 02, 2019
Had good fun with this so far, be good in multiplayer if i had anyone to play with haha 😛

Putty Patroller
Feb 25, 2018
The game natively Chinese, but is easily switched to English. The translations are poor but you get the general idea. It’s essentially a stripped down version of Killing Flooor. No story, just fight zombies on 3 maps. In between waves you can buy guns and ammo with the cash you earn. There is a boss at the end but I found them mostly tedious bullet-sponges.

The gunplay is good, and it has teleport or smooth locomotion as options. Only 3 maps, but nice variety of weapons and a level up system. Definitely fun for a few hours minimum at this price.

EDIT- I tried doing multiplayer with a friend but it didn’t work. I think that the viveport version and steam version are incompatible. Beware.

Feb 10, 2018
LOVE this game. I really hope to one day see it have servers.. been playing this a lot. Definitely recommend.

Feb 06, 2018
Un jeu Fort sympathique quand on rentre du travail bien énervé. Du zombie de partout là, juste pour ce faire éclater la tronche à coup de pompe.

Le gameplay reste assez simple tout de même, 6 vague et un boss, 4 niveau de difficulter par level, un niveau de personnage qui permette de débloquer pts de skill et de nouvelle arme et petite cerise sur le gateau les armes prennent des niveau avec leur utilisation, donc on peut se retrouver avec une arme de base pas cher plus puissante qu’une arme qui coute une bonne blinde.

Quelque difficulté quand on le lance pour la première fois, il est en chinois de base, donc obliger de cherche les options à taton et les langue pour le mettre en anglais.
De mon coté ayant une carte graphique GTX960 (jsuis un peu à la rammasse pour la VR) je joue avec les graphisme assez ba pour éviter les lags mais c’est jouables.
! Attention IA Débiles (zombie) !

Aug 31, 2019
Pretty damn fun, I literally see 0 reasons to give this any less than four stars. Ignore the 40% of people who give this game three stars and under; they are objectively wrong.

Mar 14, 2020
Excellent zombie arcade wave shooter! It’s like Killing Floor, but in VR and better than the actual Killing Floor VR game. If you’ve wanted a similiar experience like Killing Floor flatscreen, then this game is for you! There are a lot of customization options for UI and gun angles so I assume it works well with every HMD, I own a Rift S and the standard settings seem good to me.

Nov 13, 2019
Preis-Leistung extrem gut
gute Spielmechaniken
Grafik ist besser als gedacht
Level-System gut aber wenig maps
dafür mehrere Schwierigkeitsgrade um weitere Sachen freizuschalten
Multiplayer scheint nicht zu funktionieren

price-performance extremly good
nice mechanics
grafik is better than thought
leveling-system is nice but less maps
for that several difficulty levels to unlock more stuff
multiplayer doesn’t seems to work

Feb 03, 2019
Game is very fun, however we own it on two devices and we can’t get multiplayer to work. Neither private match nor public matches work between our two devices.

Dec 09, 2019
Great game so far. Good gun mechanics and gore.

I can’t get the multiplayer to work. Me and a buddy both have the game through infinity and cant join each others servers. Would be 5 stars if that worked.

Oct 11, 2018
Had a sound glitch, but I repaired the file and it was fine after.

Absolutely terrifying the first couple times you play. I’ve only played single player so far, and its great. Beat first two levels thus far.

Needs more unlocks, and its a shame that you don’t earn money as you go, but only within the round itself. Wish that was different. But wishes in one hand, sh* in the other. What fills faster?

Faceless Nothing
Feb 14, 2018
This game is definitely worth the price. I honestly didn’t expect much but was happily suprised at this game. I enjoyed it far more than Arizona Sunshine (which I got a refund for being so bad). I can tell this game development is still in progress, but with improved level design and ease of use, it has the potential to be something great. To the developers i’d say “Keep working on this! Don’t focus too much on adding more content, but work on cleaning up what you have”. If the developers would like some more detailed feedback, I’d be happy to get in contact.

Oct 19, 2019
Seems to be like Killing Floor but in VR, it’s worth the money if you like arcade shooters like Killing Floor. Really good weapon handling.

Mar 26, 2020
Graphismes au top.
Feeling des armes au top.
Mais il faut vraiment aimer les jeux de zombies qui prennent au moins 5 balles dans la tête avant de tomber, et des chiffres de dégâts qui poppent des ennemis à chaque tir.
Ce qui n’est pas mon cas.

May 31, 2019

There is no sound and there are no multiplayer servers. The sound makes it super boring to play. Please fix this.

Oct 26, 2018

I’d have given this 0 stars if I had the option. The game doesn’t even have audio first of all, the chinese to english translation is horrible, most doesn’t even make sense and the reload weapon mechanic doesn’t even work.

Can’t even make it through the mandatory training level cause you can’t even reload your gun.

Feb 04, 2018

Would be good if the game didn’t lasunch is asian language, no idea how to change it to English

Oct 04, 2019

Awful, dead servers, awful mechanics

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